descriptionFEED: a set of shell tools to fetch, store and process Atom, RSS and other syndication feeds
ownerMagnus Deininger
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To build the programme, you will need to have libboost-regex, libcurl, libxml2 and sqlite3 installed, along with their development files (headers) if your distribution has separate packages for development files. The default compiler in the makefile (and the only one tested) is CLANG++, so it'D be a good idea to install that as well.

As a regular user, run 'make' in a shell, like this:

$ make

If that compiles, you can now run 'make install' as root, like this:

# make PREFIX=/usr install

The installation procedure includes a file with environment variables at /etc/profile.d/ - you should source your .profile or relog before using the programme.



The FEED source code is available at:


The instructions above should work in almost all cases.

If you don't have CLANG++ installed on your machine, you could try to use g++ instead. To do that, modify the makefile and replace clang++ with g++ where appropriate. Alternatively, you could set the environment variable CXX to g++.

If you need debug symbols, then set the CXXFLAGS variable to -g before you compile.

The installation includes a lot of header files in $(PREFIX)/include/feed - unlike most programmes, this is actually almost all of the programme's source code. If you'd like to write your own client to FEED's database, these headers should be all you need.



See the man page for details on how to use FEED:

$ man feed

if you haven't installed the programme, then in the source directory run:

$ man src/feed.1
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